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Bio Pot Units

Biopot is an on-site, capture and containment system used for organic material processing (starting the composting process) in an odour-free, easily accessible unit.

Specially designed terracotta pots suitable for the natural decomposition of bio degradable solid rejections. The equipment comprises 3 pots vertically placed on one another, the pot on top covered with a lid. The pots on the first and second place from top are hollow, bottom portion of these pots are weaved with plastic wires to build bio platform. Bottom portion of the last pot is closed.


Daily 2 kg of bio mass (kitchen waste, garden waste etc) shall be deposited for processing to humus compost.

Specification & Estimated Cost of the Product

Diameter(cm) Height(cm) Capacity Total(Rs)
31 86 2 Kg. 2500


Excess water in bin leads to decaying instead of decomposition and foul smell may generate. Chlorinated water or chemical, kerosene etc should not be added which will affect bacterial growth and prevent decomposition.


“ Northamps ENV Solution was the technical equipment supplier of Credai Clean City Movement since 2016 to 2021 March 31st and they are providing Biobin composting system for waste management in high rise residential apartment projects. ”



CREDAI Clean City Movement

“ Northamps ENV Solution service provider for Suchitwa Mission is extending their support for planning, preperation, execution and implementation of local self Government Institutions and corporates on Waste Management…. ”



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District Coordinator, Jilla Suchitwa Mission, Ernakulam

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