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About Northamps

We are the technology partner for waste management in high raised apartments in all over Kerala and service provider for Suchitwa Mission Govt of Kerala.

Northamps is a Govt. approved knowledge exchange centre and waste management company and we are accredited leading service providers approved by Govt. of Kerala. We have high fledged training and R&D centre for project works and small scale research projects. The company is devoted to continue its research, development and other scientific activities in the field of waste management.

Northamps is having collaboration with GIZ ( German Corporation for International Cooperation) is the main German development agency provides services in the field of International Development Coorporation for Sustainable Development.

About : Guidelines for Scientific Disposal of Municipal Waste

The company is approved waste management contractor for FACT, CSEZ, KMRL, Spices Board and Travancore Titanium. The company is also approved as solid & liquid waste management service provider by Suchitwa Mission and the company is a turnkey agent of ANERT. The company is also approved and appointed as Consultant for “Preparation of guide lines for integrated wastewater and septage management for Kerala State. Northamps provided technical support for solid waste management of CREDAI CLAEN city movement and waste management partner for 20 local bodies in South India. This company would also extend technical guidance and advisory services to the existing industries and serve as an impetus for entrepreneurs for venturing into establishment of waste management sectors.

We have provided 50 job opportunities directly and 500 indirectly to rural women. Conducted FDP training and waste management partner for various Academic Institutions. In coming future, our company would be a model centre for Academic as well as Research& Development Programms in Waste Management & Water Pollution. Northamps Env Solution has started R&D activities and conducted online workshop on Scientific Waste Management. The company has started Short Term Programme (STP), short lectures on various topics and Seminars/Conferences. Research projects and Industrial Visit (IV) will coordinate throughout the year. Consultancy for writing science projects and papers will be carried out and various science related programms such as Environmental Day, Science Day etc will be conducted.

Vision of the Project

The project prepared envisaging that the rejection management will be a role model to the community.

Principle of Rejection Management

Reduce, Reuse Recycle Respect & Refuse It is inevitable to follow the principles so that the chances of a user getting transform to a rejector.

Change in attitude leads to success

The success of rejection management depends on the attitude of generator in handling of rejections. A strong leadership with determination to achieve the goal “hygiene” could nd out ways and means to achieve the target. It is highly necessary to work out a code and conduct to address the challenge of rejection management.

Education and Awareness

Education and awareness to various levels of people from the source to the end processing will have to arrange systematically with periodical updations, it should be a continuous process, close monitoring required in each stage and time, as the people handling rejections are oating population.

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Northamps ENV Solution was the technical equipment supplier of Credai Clean City Movement since 2016 to 2021 March 31st and they are providing Biobin composting system for waste management in high rise residential apartment projects. CREDAI Clean City Movement is processing around 30 tons of biodegradable waste per day using the system. We are satisfied with the service of Northamps Solutions

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