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Services of Northamps - Environmental Consultants

Environmental consultants

Services of Northamps includes the complete research, plan, design, or execution of the detailed engineering duties in the control, prevention, and the remediation of environmental hazards by making use of the various engineering disciplines.

Industrial Waste Management Services

If an industrial waste stream, based on a knowledge of the processes involved and laboratory testing, is designated as hazardous waste; the waste must be managed as such and shipped to a licensed treatment, storage and disposal facility. Waste designated as non hazardous are placed in landfills or incinerated. These are services of Northamps in Industrial Waste Management.

Services of Northamps - Industrial Waste Management
Services of Northamps - Domestic Waste Management

Domestic Waste Management

With an aim of providing a sustainable solution to the domestic waste problem in our country, Northamps ENV Solution provides responsible waste management services.

Garbage comes in many forms. Sometimes it takes the shape of discarded house hold items like empty bottles, food scraps, and paper plates, napkins and utensils. It also exists in the form of pharmaceutical and medical waste, and organic waste. The team at Northamps ENV Solution has remarkable experience in domestic waste management. We focus on objectively assessing each customer’s waste generation and recommend suitable waste reduction strategies.

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