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Sewage Treatment Plant

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Sewage water/waste water treatment is the system for converting contaminated water to effluent water form which can be useful for other purposes.

Benefits and Advantages

Sewage water/waste water treatment is a process used to convert wastewater into an effluent (out flowing of water to a receiving body of water) that can be returned to the water cycle with minimal impact on the environment or directly reused. The latter is called water reclamation because treated wastewater can then be used for other purposes.

Operation of Sewage treatment plant

The waste water generated in washing unit is collected and subjected to grit and oil removal. The grit and large solid particles are settled at the bottom. After oil removal, the waste water is collected in a collection tank. A chemical precipitation unit is provided. The chemical precipitation unit is provided with a mixer and dosing tanks. Parallel plates are aligned for effective settling of the slurry hoppor bottom chemical precipitation unit.. Adequate quantity of reagent and lime is added and mixed with the waste water. Chemical precipitation happens, contaminants and large particles are settled at the bottom of the chemical precipitation unit. The treated water from the chemical precipitation process is collected in filter feed tanks. The water is then subjected for pressure sand filtration and activated carbon filtration. The outlet of the pressure activated carbon filter is the treated water and is collected in a treated water collection tank and used for gardening. The sludge that settled at the bottom of the chemical precipitation unit is drained out and dried in sludge drying beds. The filtrate from the sludge drying bed is sent to the collection tank and subjected to further treatment.


“ The solid waste management of staff quarters at Muttom by collection,segregation and disposal of wastes with non biodegrdable method by installation, testing ,commissioning and maintenance of biobins aerobic composting method and fuel free incinerator was completed successfully. The quality of workmanship, planning and execution of the work was good. ”


General Manager (projects), Kochi Metro Rail Ltd


“ Northamps ENV Solution service provider for Suchitwa Mission is extending their support for planning, preperation, execution and implementation of local self Government Institutions and corporates on Waste Management…. ”

Siju Thomas –

District Coordinator, Jilla Suchitwa Mission, Ernakulam