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Biogas Plant

Best Biogas Plant

A Biogas Plant is used for industrial or domestic purposes to manage waste and to produce fuels.

Benefits and Advantages of Biogas Plant

In addition, biogas could potentially help to reduce global climate change. High levels of methane are produced when manure is stored under anaerobic conditions. During storage and when manure has been applied to the land, nitrous oxide is also produced as a byproduct of the denitrification process. Nitrous oxide (N2O) is 320 times more aggressive than carbon dioxide and methane. i.e.; the main advantages are it is a renewable source of energy, non polluting reduces landfills, cheaper technology, little capital investment, reduces Greenhouse effect.

Operation of Biogas Plant

Anaerobic digestion is a collection of processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. The process is used for industrial or domestic purposes to manage waste and to produce fuels. The digestion process begins with bacterial hydrolysis of the input materials. It is used as part of the process to treat biodegradable waste and sewage sludge. As part of an integrated waste management system, anaerobic digestion reduces the emission of landfill gas into the atmosphere.

Anaerobic digestion is widely used as a source of renewable energy. The process produces a biogas, consisting of methane, carbon dioxide and traces of other “contaminant” gases. This biogas can be used directly as fuel, in combined heat and power gas engines or upgraded to natural gas-quality biomethane. The nutrient-rich digestate also produced can be used as fertilizer.

Bio Energy Systems

The plants are made up in different types and in different models in Fibre Reinforced Plant, Ferrocement, in fire bricks and concrete. During the gasification process, acids are produced and it cause leakage to the walls of cement structured plants like ferrocement, fire bricks etc. That is why we were suggesting fibre coating inside wall of the gas plant. Fibre Coated plants have more lasting than normal plants.

Methods advising to process

A pulverizer with a capacity of 75kg/hour will be installed on the mouth of the plant to restrict the feeding of plastics, metals and glass materials and also it accelerates the decomposition of biodegradables.

Estimated Cost of the Biogas Plant


Item Description Price
FRP Bio-gas Plant 2.5 Kg 13125
FRP Bio-gas Plant 3 Kg 14175
FRP Bio-gas Plant 5Kg 21000
FRP Bio-gas Plant 10 Kg 32500
FRP Bio-gas Plant 14Kg 54600
FRP Bio-gas Plant 22Kg 75600
FRP Bio-gas Plant 30Kg 126000
FRP Bio-gas Plant 40Kg 152250


Item Description Price
Bio-gas Plant 15Kg 86100
Bio-gas Plant 22Kg 120750
Bio-gas Plant 30Kg 157500
Bio-gas Plant 40 – 50Kg 231000
Bio-gas Plant 50-70Kg 304500
Bio-gas Plant 70-100Kg 393750

Scope of work

  • Supply of Plant
  • Charging with cow dung.
  • Connection of gas line pipe and firing of burner.

Client’s Scope

  • Foundation with 15 cm thickness
  • Union loading charges, if any, will be on your scope.
  • Chlorine Free water


The system will have one year warranty against any manufacturing defects.


“ The solid waste management of staff quarters at Muttom by collection,segregation and disposal of wastes with non biodegrdable method by installation, testing ,commissioning and maintenance of biobins aerobic composting method and fuel free incinerator was completed successfully. The quality of workmanship, planning and execution of the work was good. ”


General Manager (projects), Kochi Metro Rail Ltd


“ Northamps ENV Solution service provider for Suchitwa Mission is extending their support for planning, preperation, execution and implementation of local self Government Institutions and corporates on Waste Management…. ”

Siju Thomas –

District Coordinator, Jilla Suchitwa Mission, Ernakulam