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Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials. Incineration and other high-temperature waste treatment systems are described as “thermal treatment”. Incineration of waste materials converts the waste into ash, flue gas and heat. The ash is mostly formed by the inorganic constituents of the waste, and may take the form of solid lumps or particulates carried by the flue gas. The flue gases must be cleaned of gaseous and particulate pollutants before they are dispersed into the atmosphere. In some cases, the heat generated by incineration can be used to generate electric power.


  • Continuous air-jet synchronous draft technology for clean efficient combustion
  • Enclosed chamber with curved acidic refractory bricks for heat retention
  • Fully insulated system for efficiency and operator safety
  • One year warranty
  • We provide water scrubber system for reducing atmospheric pollutions.


  • Foundation with required diameter and 15 cm thickness.
  • 2. Inside coated fire brick on the ash collection area and combustion chamber lined with 3 inch furnace bricks for 10-30Kg incinerators and 4 inch furnace bricks for 40-90Kg and outside body with MS sheet coated with high grade HR paint.
  • Top conical part coated with high quality furnace material
  • Separation between combustion chamber and ash collection area provided with SS 304 grade grill.
  • Smoke line 3metre length SS 304 grade pipeline.

Operation of Incinerator

The fuel free solid waste dispenser with the unique CORT (Controlled Oxygen Rotating Technology) turns any solid waste material permitted to be incinerated into pure ash within minutes adhering to relevant emission standards.

Within 3 to 4 minutes, the temperature inside the closed chamber reaches very high depending upon the nature of the waste material. The high quality steel chimney which can stand up to a temperature of 700 degree centigrade makes it lasting.

Fuel free incinerator is an eco-friendly and economic solution for inert disposals which runs on the principle of incineration while addressing and solving the major drawbacks of conventional incinerators like a) Use of Fuel and Resultant Environmental Impacts b) High Initial Investment c) Recurring Costs d) Extensive Space.

It works on Controlled Oxygen Rotating Technology incinerates solid waste by combustion using atmospheric Oxygen, convert it into ash, heat, steam, and gas causing minimal environmental impact. Manufacturing cost is comparatively very low, the fuel free operation avoids recurring costs, and the compactness ensures minimum space for installation.

Terms & Conditions

  • Prices are inclusive of transportation and installation at site.
  • Erection & commissioning shall be done by the company and are included in the price.
  • One year on-site warranty for all parts with free maintenance and thereafter AMC is offered for the equipment.
  • Union loading charges, if any, will be charged extra as actuals.
  • Standard height specified is part of the manufacturer’s design for the equipment.
  • Any additional work comes other than the above mentioned will come under the client scope. All Plumbing works including water pipes, connections, etc comes under client scope.

Estimated Cost of the Product

Description Chamber Size in mm Burning Capacity Chimney Size Pipe line RATE in Rs. Tax (18% GST) Total
10 apartment 500 x 1250 10kg 3 metre 6’’ 46017 8283 54300
20 apartment 600 x 1250 20kg 3 metre 6’’ 60339 10861 71200
30 apartment 700 x 1250 30kg 3 metre 6’’ 74406 13393 87799
40 apartment 800 x 1250 40kg 3 metre 8’’ 96949 17450 114400
50 apartment 1000 x 1250 50kg 3 metre 8’’ 111356 20044 131400
60 apartment 1200 x 1250 60kg 3 metre 8’’ 130000 23400 153400
70 apartment 1400 x 1250 70kg 3 metre 10’’ 157204 28297 185501
80 apartment 1600 x 1250 80kg 3 metre 10’’ 176695 31805 208500
90 apartment 1600 x 1500 90kg 3 metre 10’’ 195339 35161 230500
100 apartment 1700×1500 100kg 3 metre 12’’ 214873 38677 253550
110 apartment 1800×1500 110kg 3 metre 12’’ 236360 42545 278905
120 apartment 1900×1500 120kg 3 metre 12’’ 257633 46374 304007
130 apartment 2000×1500 130kg 3 metre 12’’ 280820 50548 331368
140 apartment 2100×1500 140kg 3 metre 12’’ 303287 54591 357878
150 apartment 2200×1500 150kg 3 metre 12’’ 327549 58959 386508


“ Northamps ENV Solution was the technical equipment supplier of Credai Clean City Movement since 2016 to 2021 March 31st and they are providing Biobin composting system for waste management in high rise residential apartment projects. ”



CREDAI Clean City Movement

“ Northamps ENV Solution service provider for Suchitwa Mission is extending their support for planning, preperation, execution and implementation of local self Government Institutions and corporates on Waste Management…. ”



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