Kitchen vegetable plantation kit

Kitchen Vegetable Plantation Kit

Method of Sprouting

Here is how Sprouting is done in our Kitchen vegetable plantation kit. Fiber and sand are mixed and incorporated in the same quantity as required for planting and sowing the seeds and to fill the lobes in all the chambers of the sealing trail. After that, fill the soil with the remaining portions put Fiber and sand mixture. If the seeds are placed in more than one tray, put the trays up top. They use the method to get enough pressure. Then cover the top of the tray with a plastic cover. Put the trays down after 2 days. Start using 4 to 5 days with a small water spray. After about 20-25 days, plant the seedlings of 1-1/2 inch sized to grow bag. (Seeds such as Ash Gourd , Ladies finger, pumpkin, cucumber seeds are to be used after keeping 18 hours in water.

Method of cultivation using grow bag

Coirpits Compost – 1kg, Soil – 1/2 kg, Vermi Compost – 1 kg, Pseudomonas – 25gm, Trichoderma – 25 gm – mix well and fill 3/4th of grow bag and plant the seedling. Provide the soil, goat manure, cowdung powder for at least 10 days. Hrow bag should be kept under good sunlight. Watering should be provided. (The soil should be prepared with Lime, 10 days before filling soil.)

Northamps Kitchen Vegetable Plantation Kit includes

Seedling tray, Powdered goat manure, Seeds (any three), Coirpits compost, Grow bag (5 nos), Pseudomonas fluroscens, Natural cowdung, Biomaterial pesticide, Trichoderma fungus, Cloth bag, Vermi compost


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